Who We Are

Our Purpose:

To establish and implement fundraising programs for the continued support and improvements to Mountain Island Charter School.  

The MICS SOAR Foundation is a North Carolina 501(c)3 non-profit  corporation responsible for implementing fundraising programs for the  continued support and improvements to Mountain Island Charter School.   We believe that our generous families, friends, and local corporations,  who believe in the future potential of Mountain Island Charter School,  will rally together to provide tax-deductible gifts required to proceed  with campus development in an effort to meet the needs of our children  and community.  

Why does our Charter School need to do Capital Fundraising?

 Though supported by public tax dollars, North Carolina Charter Schools  are not provided the same access to public funding as other non-charter  public schools. When it comes to facility improvements or building  acquisition, North Carolina charter schools do not have access to the  taxpayer-based bonds or tax levy increases that other district schools  receive. 

 This lack of public funds forces charter schools to use per  pupil revenues for both annual operating expenses (instructional  programs) and building acquisition and maintenance. North Carolina  charter public schools are forced to borrow funds through conventional  financing arrangements to purchase and maintain buildings. Repayment of  those financing terms takes funding away from the classroom -- taking  resources from instruction and putting them into bricks and mortar.  

 Fundraising from individuals, corporations and foundations is the only  realistic alternative to offset this crippling impact on a charter  school’s finances. The SOAR Foundation will help to ensure the future  success of our school! The SOAR Foundation, with the support of the MICS  community, has raised funds to inject the equity necessary to borrow  money to buy a permanent site, move modular classrooms to the new site,  and build Phase 1 & 2 permanent buildings: Administration Building,  Gymnasium, MS/HS Classroom Building and an Athletic Stadium. Phase 3 Fundraising invests toward building our Lower School Building, Playground and more athletic fields. 

What happened to Give, Build, Soar?

Nothing!   We are many of the same committee members that have been  running capital campaigns since the first year at MICS. Foundations are  simply a better way to handle long term fundraising, so the set up is a  little different, but the mission and work is the same. 

Are donations tax-deductible?

Absolutely!  The Soar Foundation is a tax deductible 501(c)3 Public Non-profit, Tax ID# 46-1445063.   However, if your company provides a corporate match, we are currently  still applying to be added to many Employer systems.  In the meantime if  our Tax ID# is still pending, please know that your Capital Campaign  donations can still be matched by donating directly to Mountain Island Charter School (Tax ID# 80-0467949).  

How can enough funds be raised to build an entire K-12 campus?

While it would be wonderful to raise all funds needed, the immediate  need is to raise the equity amounts necessary to borrow funds to build  our campus, while leaving the school operational budget and cash  position strong. This is possible, at a pace that our supporters can  determine by the amount of their support. 

Board and Committees

SOAR Foundation Board of Directors

Chairperson: Brett Rhinehardt

Treasurer: Ana Peterson 

Secretary: Betty Danzi 

Member: Kelly Pledger 

Member: Mike Strauss  

Member: Molly Calvello   

Fundraising Committees

Legacy Giving

Athletic Sponsors

Facility Rentals

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO):

Raptor Run      

Gala/Live Auction

Community Silent Auction 


Volunteer as a Soar Foundation Board Member

  • Submit your Application by January 31st
  • Application Reviews/Interviews Feb - Apr 
  • New Board Member selections May - Jun
  • Board Member service begins July 1st

(Download the SOAR new member application 

from the meetings and documents section above.)   

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Mountain Island Charter School

SOAR Foundation

13440 Lucia Riverbend Hwy

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