Companies with Matching Gift Programs*

Ally Financial 

Bank of America 


Daimler Trucks NA

Duke Energy 

Hunter Douglas


Ingersoll Rand 




(MICS Soar Foundation Tax-ID# 46-1445063)


SPX Corporation  


US Bank


Wells Fargo

Matching Gift Programs

 Many large companies offer Matching Gift Programs. These programs will typically match, dollar for dollar, contributions made by their employees to MICS Soar Foundation. All gifts from Company Matching Gift Programs are recognized as if they were made by the family initiating the match.  

 As an example scenario, an employee of a bank with a Matching Gift Program decides to donate $100 to MICS Soar Foundation. Since this bank has a Matching Gifts Program, it will match the donor's $100 gift at a 1:1 ratio (bank gives $100), for a total gift received of $200. In this manner, the Donor increases the value of his/her gift simply by participating in the Matching Gift Program.  In order to procure the matching funds, this employee would submit an online matching request to their Human Resources Department.   

 Most Matching Gift Programs generally consist of four steps: 

1. Employee makes a monetary contribution to MICS Soar Foundation .  

2. Employee submits a matching gift request to their Employer (using MICS Soar Foundation Tax-ID# 46-1445063). 

3. MICS Soar Foundation is contacted by the Employer to validate the matching gift request.  

4. Employer cuts check to MICS Soar Foundation.   

Matching Gifts can be used toward MICS Soar Foundation Annual Pledges and Legacy Pledges.  We encourage donors to also consider the Matching Gift Program for all other Capital Campaign Donations: Denim Dress Down, Raptor Run, Trees, etc.

*Note: If your employer offers a Matching Gift Program and is not currently on our list,  please email us at  and we will be happy to add them to our list. Thank you!